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«To restore that, that people aspire to destroy in order to save the life there, where people want to destroy it»

St. Vincent de Paul.

25 years ago, we teamed up to help orphan children and people with disabilities in the Kharkiv region. A separate program that we are especially proud of is medical care for children. In addition, today we have already organized 98 ophthalmic operations.

The Russian occupiers who attacked peaceful Ukraine changed the activity of the foundation. Now millions of Ukrainians who have lost their homes and sometimes do not have elementary resources for life need our help.

Because of the war, we had to expand the scope of our organization: from the Kharkiv region to the whole of Ukraine and neighboring countries that sheltered our compatriots. There are 115 active volunteers among us today…

"Since the 24-th of February 2022, with the onset of a full-scale invasion of Russian occupation troops, our team helps Ukrainians to evacuate from the combat zone and support the necessary refugees. Your contributions save lives.